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Jan 15, 2021

4 min read

The best 5 tools to create Sketches

Within the process of creating a dashboard, its design phase plays a crucial role in its development. This phase is used to develop Sketchs that ensure that the dashboard is practical, valuable, actionable, and revealing before the process of executing the final result begins.

Sketches are practical and agile exercises to land ideas and have quick visual feedback of what a dashboard might look like. They facilitate communication with our clients or business users and open up new opportunities and validations to communicate information.

For the development of this phase, there are free resources available on the web. Today we will tell you about the five most efficient applications based on the quality of design, graphics, and simplicity in the program interface.

5. Mockup Tiger

Provides widgets for creating quick website layouts, mobile templates, and dashboard graphics.

Prices: they have a free online version and a server version with prices from $ 89 to $ 449 a year.

Advantages: it is easy to use and has many shapes for web pages and graphics that accept data and behave like real graphics.

Cons: although it has many shapes, they are not sufficient for data visualization. Added to this, it is not possible to draw pictures.

4. Moqups

It allows you to create wireframes, mockups, diagrams, and prototypes. Moqups is a complete and practical tool to use.

Pricing: it has a free online version and a server version with prices from $ 16 to $ 49 USD per month.

Advantages: you can design dashboards for data visualization and create diagrams and flows, which are very useful for some presentations.

Cons: like other applications, the Mockup tool has its disadvantages in the free version. For example, you cannot save your work or export it as a PDF, PNG, or JPG file, but if you can finish your work in one session, there is still the screen capture function.

3. Whimsical

It is a collaborative space that allows you to create virtual wireframes, flowcharts, and sticky notes.

Pricing: It has a free version with a limited number of boards and a server version with prices from $ 10 to USD 12 per month.

Pros: Built-in components for UI wireframe creation, like select menus and radio buttons, make it incredibly easy to create wireframe layouts, as well as creating highly aesthetic layouts. Sharing among multiple users makes it easy to view and collaborate on designs.

Cons: the design customization options are limited; for example, it does not have default graphics.

2. Invision

If you remember the “Paint” app and like it, maybe this will work for you.

Prices: they have a free online version and a server version priced at USD 7.95 per user/month.

Pros: The interface is elementary and pleasant; it is easy to draw and add images to create a very friendly and presentable board. It also has sharing features, which make collaboration easy.

Cons: not having default graphics.

1. Balsamiq

This is an accessible and excellent tool for a data visualization designer. There you can create unique and fast dashboards.

Pricing: it has a free version and also offers a free trial. However, you must pay from USD 90 per year to USD 1,990 to have the full version.

Pros: The best attribute of this software is that it is elementary and easy to use. Also, you can find a set of functions aimed at creating wireframes in minimal time. Its interface is easy to use; It is drag and drop, and it has many types of charts, forms, and symbols and has an option to add more of them. You can also convert your wireframes into different formats to save them. The tool has pretty much everything you need to make a great prototype.

Cons: not being able to customize specific icons.